Guns, Crime and Suicide Graphs

Guns, Crime and Suicide Series

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Guns, Crime and Suicide Graphs

This set of interactive graphs displays gun ownership, homicide and suicide rates at both the country level and US state level. For the USA data, assorted other crime rates are available. The user has complete control over which dataset is plotted, country or USA, and which stats are used as either the y-axis and point size. In addition, the user may add text labels for each point and/or a trendline for the plotted data, along with its standard error. If viewing country data, the user has an additional choice to view only countries from the various groups of nations (G7, G20, etc.).


Hovering the mouse over any data point will display the name of that state or country, as well as all the associated data. In addition, ranks for each stat are displayed in parentheses after the value, with 1st being the highest rate.


Note : This interactive is best viewed from a computer, not a mobile device.


User Inputs :

– Dataset : Choice of which data to plot, US State or Country data.

– Choose y-axis : Choice of stat or region to plot on y-axis, Crime, Homicide or Suicide rates.

– Point Size : Choice of stat to use as point size, Crime, Homicide or Suicide rates.

– Country Group : Select which countries to plot, All Countries, G7, G8, G10, or G20.

– Show Trendline : Checkbox whether to show trendline (only for numeric y-axis variable)

– Show Labels : Checkbox for whether to display text labels for each point.


Sources :

  1. FBI, all Crime Rate (USA) data
  2. CDC, Suicide Rate (USA) data
  3. British Medical Journal (BMJ), Gun Ownership Rate (USA) data
  4. UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Homicide Rate (Country) data
  5. UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Gun Ownership Rate (Country) data
  6. World Health Organization (WHO), Suicide Rate (Country) data

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