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MLB Player Birth Graphs Interactive

This interactive displays a timeline showing how many MLB players, or Wins Above Replacement (WAR), were from a given place throughout history. The data is broken down at both the country level and the state level for the United States, Dominican Republic and Venezuela (the three countries most MLB players are from). In addition to showing total players or WAR, percentages can also be displayed. At the country level, these are percentages of all MLB players, at the state level these percentages are of the MLB players from that country. WAR is a catchall statistic that attempts to summarize a player’s total contribution to his team (hitting, pitching, fielding, running, etc.).


Hovering the mouse over any line on the graph will highlight that line and display the name of the country or state, along with the top players from there, with their career WAR totals.


Note : This interactive is best viewed from a computer, not a mobile device.


User Inputs :

– Players/WAR Range : Shrink or enlarge the y-axis to show only the specified range.

– Year Range : Shrink or enlarge the x-axis to show only the specified range of time.

– Dataset : Select which set of data to display, Country level, US States, D.R. States or Ven. States.

– Choose y-axis : Select what to plot vs. time, % Players, Players, % WAR or WAR.


Sources :

  1. Baseball Reference, all player information



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