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Updated Feb. 28th, 2017 : Added 2017 Steamer projections.

















MLB Player Birth Map Interactive

This interactive allows the user to browse through every MLB season from 1876 to 2015 plotting where each player from that season was born. Each player’s team determines the point’s color and the Wins Above Replacement (WAR) of the player determines the size of the point. WAR is a catchall statistic that attempts to summarize a player’s total contribution to his team (hitting, pitching, fielding, running, etc.).


Each player’s point can be clicked on to display further information and a photo of the player. If you want further statistics on an individual player, clicking his name will link you to his main Baseball Reference page.


User Inputs :

– Yearly WAR : Display only players with a WAR that season within the specified range.

– Career WAR : Display only players with a career WAR within the specified range.

– Year : Select which season of data to display.

– Team : Select to show All Teams or only AL Teams, NL Teams or a single team.

– Show Teams : Checkbox to display legend of team colors.

– Reset View : Zooms back to show all currently selected players in view.


Sources :

  1. Baseball Reference, all player information
  2. Steamer, WAR Projections for 2016
  3. Google’s Geocode API, all latitude and longitude information


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